A new way to discover the sea, its inhabitants and its history. The wonderful adventure of sea from the earth to this day. The world of sharks and 3000 fish from all oceans of the world’s biggest aquarium in Cattolica Adriatic opportunity to immerse themselves face to face with sharks, a unique attraction in Italy. NEW: otters come to the Aquarium of Cattolica, in a large exhibit dedicated to them!


The best known of fun water park in Europe for over 20 years ago entertained millions of visitors! The secret of his success? It is not just a water park but a real city with water from rivers made ​​fast, Kamikaze, wave pool, twist and Speedriul. The fun is guaranteed.


Oltremare theme park, amusement, nature, environment: the island of Odysseus, dolphin lagoon, the mill of the owl, sea world, the farm, three-dimensional IMAX film. It is a paradise of games! 4000 square meters where fun is also an opportunity for a highly educational experience.
Discover life on the delta of the Po, the farm animals, the world of dolphins, sea horses and the elegance of nature all around us. It will be a truly extraordinary experience not only for children.


An ideal place for the whole family with over 30 attractions. “The island that is not” there, and Rimini. The Bay of Peter Pan, the Castle of Merlin, the gold mine, the Apache village are waiting for you here. And if nature is your passion, then come and visit the Garden of Forgotten Fruits and the Farmer’s House near the Old Farm where you can relive the traditions of a time when people lived in contact with nature. Great news for 2010 is the Cinema 4D.


Adventure amazing and otherwise impossible, the most famous theme park of miniatures, exploring the cultural heritage of Italy and Europe, with over 270 perfect scale reproductions of monuments and architectural masterpieces. Walking through the canals of Venice, visit the Colosseum and see the whole Vesuvius in a few hours will seem impossible. Then you’ve never been to Italy in Miniature!


And ‘the great theme park in the beautiful Adriatic Coast and one of the largest in Europe, a jewel that combines the genius of the technology, the humanity of the best artists of entertainment innovations of the digital world. It boasts a total of six thematic areas for a total of 47 performances and 15 great attractions both day and night. The second day comes for FREE!